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TWO Actions To Take That WILL Increase Your Sales By 80%

Ohhh to increase your sales by 80% – wouldn’t that be bloody nice??! Well babe, it IS bloody nice AND it’s achievable! But guess what?? A whopping 48% of salespeople are not taking the steps to do it! Whaaat?!! That’s a HUGE amount of people making a big mistake in sales. And a whole lot of potential sales lost! So, what ARE the two actions to take that will increase your sales by 80%??

Hey amazing you, wassup?!! Cos if it ain’t sales, you’re in the right place!! So welcome to another episode of Snack-Sized Sales Slaps With Nat! And today I really want to share with you why this little slap is so important. Because I see SO many women in particular not doing it! They put an enormous effort into a launch, with all the marketing and creating and putting offers out there. But then they don’t do the really, REALLY important part at the end… they don’t show the F up!! They don’t FOLLOW UP AND FOLLOW THROUGH! They do all this bloody hard work and then they don’t follow up and they don’t follow through. Which is such a big mistake to make. Because apart from the fact that it’s free, it can actually convert and increase your sales by 80%!!!!

Does any of this sound familiar?  

  • You had a great launch, people were SO enthusiastic, and then… nada. Crickets. WHY isn’t anyone buying?? 
  • You don’t go and follow them up because now you think they’re just not interested. And you don’t want to be annoying and piss people off!
  • So you write that launch off as an epic fail… and GIVE UP!

Umm, noooo babe. You didn’t go to all that bloody effort for nothing!!

Let’s get you showing the F up!!!


TWO Actions To Take To Increase Your Sales By 80%!

Okay, are you ready for this?… Most people won’t get back to you. What! Why? Well because, they’re actually just really bloody busy! They’re busy people, just like you. So what they DO want is for YOU to follow them up! And don’t just assume if you get no response that it’s a straight-out “NO”. Cos… just because you are ready to sell, doesn’t mean they are ready to buy! BUT! If you don’t keep following them up, how are you gonna know when they ARE ready?? So following up and following through are super powerful for closing those sales. So do it, do it, DO IT!!!

1.Follow Up

Get your follow-up game on girl! You’ve got to take following up seriously. Go and make some block-out time. Because here’s some stats:

  • 48% of salespeople will never follow up.
  • 25% might make a second contact.
  • 80% of sales are on the 5th to 12th contact!!

Yep. 80% of sales are on the 5
th to 12th contact. So don’t go kicking people out ya store just because they’re not ready to buy, okay?!! Because they’re gonna wanna come back! So you need to keep following them up. Jump on a voice message, do some videos, send some emails. Figure out your follow-up process. And if you don’t hear from them, it doesn’t mean it’s over! It’s just that they’re not ready. So don’t worry girlfriend, it has nothing to do with you. It’s actually all about the other person!

2. Follow Through

Once you’ve had your initial conversation there might be 3 or 4 follow-ups in quick succession, maybe over a few weeks. And then it’s super important that you follow through – at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months… 2 years even! Because remember, just because you’re ready to sell, doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy. So, unless you’ve already had a firm Hell No! (and in that case, you should definitely stop!), you can assume that actually they’re okay with you following up and following through, they’re just really busy and taking their time to buy. So even if you’re outside a launch, you’ve got to commit to the sale from the word go all the way through to the other end, okay?

Most of your potential clients WANT to buy from you – they just need a bit of help to get there! So don’t be scared to follow them up! And no, I’m not saying go and endlessly chase people around town – “Are you ready to buy my stuff? Are you ready? Are you reaaadyyyy??!!” But you do need to take action and follow the heck up! Because honestly babe, if I’ve said to a prospective client that I want their stuff and they don’t follow me up – I won’t buy from them!

So, if YOU need to follow me up, DO IT okay?!

I’m waiting…!

Nat x

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