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6 Ways To Bust Through Your Business Plateau


OUCH! You’ve hit a business plateau. Here are 6 ways to move through to the other side.

Hitting a plateau in biz can make you feel crazy AF. Nothing’s working. You’re full of self-doubt. And everyone BUT YOU has their shit together! So, if I told you that plateaus are actually a normal and healthy part of business, you’d probably think I’m crazy right?! Well babe, I want you to know that they ARE a normal and healthy experience. You just need to know these 6 ways to move through the other side!

Hey awesome you. I’d love to share my experience about hitting plateaus in biz with you today. Because I hit a pretty huge one last year! And acknowledging that I had hit this vast plateau was uncomfortable as hell. I had to go through what I call the “Messy Middle”. (I’ve actually written a chapter about the Messy Middle in my new book Become Unstoppable which you can find here – https://natalietolhopf.com/become-unstoppable-book/ – and I’d love for you to check it out because this is such an important part of working through your biz plateau). But once I realised that the plateau was actually gifting me this period of growth, my Messy Middle, I was able to meet myself where I was at so that I could go on to different and bigger things!

So HOW do you know when you’ve hit a business plateau??

Well, if you’re feeling any of these…

  • Your biz tasks have started to really piss you off!
  • You no longer want to celebrate your wins.
  • You keep asking yourself Why? Why isn’t this bloody working?? And WHY is it working for everyone else?!
  • Your money mindset work isn’t bloody working either!
  • You’ve simply lost the joy.

… Ouch babe! You’ve hit a plateau.

Let’s move you out the other side!!

“Remind yourself why are you doing it? Because it might have changed. You may have actually hit your own milestones and your own reasons why you started in biz, and actually you’ve just forgotten to revisit your why based on your values. And so there’s a little bit of misalignment happening. So it’s an invitation to go back to your values. What do you give a shit about??”

Nat Tolhopf

6 Ways To Bust Through Your Biz Plateau

Okay, I know you wanna know! So let’s just jump straight into six ways that will help you move through the other side of a business plateau…

  1. Acknowledge all the bumps and the dead ends. Acknowledge the self-doubting and the shitty feelings. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve just hit a plateau.
  2. Take a strategic pause. Just stop. Maybe for a week, maybe a month. But just stop, breathe, and regroup. And just really think about this gift that the plateau has given you.
  3. Revisit your values and your why. It’s really important that your business is coming from your values and your why. What are your reasons you started in biz? Have they changed? Go back to your values, reconnect to your why. (There are heaps of values exercises on the Internet. Give them a try!)
  4. Bring your own voice and your thoughts. Are you telling your story or someone else’s? Have you started second-guessing yourself and fallen into a crappy comparison trap?! Because when you start doing what everyone else is doing, you’re disempowering yourself and putting the power somewhere else!
  5. Look for signs and symbols. To move through a plateau we have to stop looking inward, so that we can look around for some signs and reminders that everything is okay. Pause and take a look around you and take the time to reconnect.
  6. Play bigger. This doesn’t mean doing more. It means growing with your own innovation. Not doing what everyone else is doing without using your own voice. But moving your business forward – innovatively!


(01:40) Hayley Carr and an invitation to plateau.

(08:58) Acknowledging.

(09:40) Strategic pausing.

(11:40) Revisiting your why.

(13:32) Bringing your own voice.

(15:45) Looking for signs and symbols.

(17:05) Playing bigger.

There’s this incredible woman I’ve known for a long time, Hayley Carr. She has a really cool podcast https://hayleycarr.tv/superfreak-podcast – check it out!  Hayley calls a plateau an ‘invitation’. How cool is that?! So, it’s an invitation to stop, and really look at what’s going on for you in your biz. For you to reconnect to your why. And then to grow with innovation.

So awesome you, are YOU ready to step up to your plateau??

Let’s do it!

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