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3 Ways to nail your sales

3 Ways To Nail Your Sales!

Ahhh sales. Does the sheer mention of the word have you shoving on your tights and running for the hills?! But love ‘em, or not (and chances are if you’re here, you’re not!), sales are a vital part of your business and your customer service. So how can we make sales a conversation where we’re not feeling uncomfortable, or pushy, or just downright awkward?? Well babe we can. And I’ll show you just how easily you can approach sales in a comfortable way with my kick-ass 3 ways to nail your sales!

Hey hey amazing you. I’m always excited to bring you an episode of Sell With Confidence, but I’m super bloody excited to bring you this one! Because sales are my passion. In fact, I love them so much I’m writing another book!! But I know sales conversations aren’t easy for everyone. Babe, it doesn’t have to be this way for you. I’ve helped hundreds of amazing women in biz to bust through their sales mindset blocks and get comfortable with selling. And when you’re confident in your sales it’s an absolute game changer!

Does any of this sound familiar?!

  • You took the plunge and made a sales call! But you were a bit nervous and talked a lot about your own biz, forgot to ask some important questions, and you finished the call still not knowing if you’re the right ‘fit’?
  • So now you need to make another call to find out whether you can even make an offer…
  • But you’re feeling like a total dick, aaand you’re looking for your tights again!


No more running for the hills babe. Let’s get you nailing those calls!!

3 Ways To Nail Your Sales

So in this episode, I share three simple strategies I use with my own clients that will have you approaching sales confidently – and consistently nailing them!

Want to take a quick look? Let’s get into them!

  1. Reframing. When you ‘reframe’ the way you look at sales, you really don’t have to feel pushy or weird about having sales conversations. Because when people choose to come into your space, they want to be there. And they want you to be of service! So the only ‘weird’ thing would be if you didn’t show up, right?!  (02:07 Skip to here for a fun analogy on reframing!)
  2. Sales Scripts. Okay, I’m not talking scripts that have you sounding like a robot! But sales is a conversation where you need to listen to the needs of your client, so you can find out where they’re at and hopefully if you’re the right fit. Having a sales script with your own personal questions will ensure you both have clarity at the end of your conversation, and you know whether you can make an offer – or not! And if you’d like one of my sales script templates, message or email me and I’ll send one right out!
  3. Follow Up. Yep, sooo simple, sooo bloody worth it! Following up is one of the simplest ways to nail your sales! It doesn’t matter how much you’re TikToking, or Reeling, or YouTubing the shit out of your marketing! – you need to have a follow up strategy to bring people towards you. Decide how you want to follow up, be direct, and be consistent – you could increase your sales by 50 to 80% simply by having a follow up strategy! So DO it. It’s simple, and it’s free!


(01:45) Reframing.
(05:57) Sales scripts.
(11:28) Following up!

When we’re at a restaurant and the waiter comes to our table and asks if we’d like to see the dessert menu, do we tell him to bugger off? Of course not! We go ahead and order the fudgy chocolate raspberry brownie, don’t we? Or we ask him to kindly come back in 10 because we’re not quite ready. Or we decline all dessert offerings tonight, thanks anyway! But we don’t tell him to bugger off because… we CHOSE to come into his space! And he’s simply being of service to us, from the beginning all the way to the very end (and he’s nailing his sales!!!).

So, if you need some encouragement to really step into your customer service, come and join me! With these few simple strategies, you’ll be smashing your sales too babe!!

You’re amazing. Let’s go!


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