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Are You Choking Your Sales?

Potential clients are ultimately looking for a solution to their problem. They have pain points that need solving and they want to see the benefit that your offer or service is going to bring them. They’re not particularly worried HOW they’re going to get there!! The trouble is that sometimes we can launch into sharing a whole lot of features first. This takes the client’s focus away from the benefits of the offer – and their desired outcome! And if they’re not keen on some of your features? Babe, this can end up choking your sales!!  Hey amazing you! Thanks so much for joining me in another of my Snack-Sized Sales Slaps With Nat! And today I really want you to have a good old thinkaroo and ask yourself “Are you choking your sales?” Are you absolutely throttling your sales by focusing too much on the features of your offer first, rather than on the benefits? Because before you dive into all the features of your offer, you must first understand your client’s desired outcome and get them excited! What are their pain points? What are their goals? Understanding their needs allows you to highlight the most relevant benefits of your offer – and establish a connection between the client and the transformation. By getting the client excited about the transformation first, they’ll be more open to move past and deal with any problems they have with the features – that might otherwise send them elsewhere!! When the features are shared before the benefits! You might be able to relate to this fun example of how a sales conversation can go south! The buyer specifically wants a home stereo system with “deep bass for enhanced ambience”. The stereo has some great benefits – and most importantly what the buyer wants! But! Some unwanted features have been presented first, turning the buyer off before the stereo’s even been turned on!!  Features  
    • Headphone jack (Yes)
    • 5-disc CD player (Cool)
    • AM/FM tuner (Won’t need that)
    • Easy remote (Great!)
    • Touch-sensitive panel (I’d just use the remote)
    • Wide frequency range (Definitely)
    • Powerful subwoofers (Yes, let’s hear them!)
    • A one-off model in designer green! (Wait, what?! Only in green??)
  • Enjoy private listening with headphones, listen as loud as you like as late as you like! (umm, it’s green)
  • The broad range of frequencies ensures the bass is well-defined and not distorted (not just green, it’s bright green!)
  • Make your guests green with envy with a unique stereo colour that will elevate room décor and spark conversation! (are you serious?!)
  • Rich and deep bass adds depth and dimension, evoking emotions and creating… (STOPPPP!! I don’t care if your bass brings all the boys to the yard!! It’s Kermit bloody green! I’m OUT!!)
Oooohh, and that’s a big Hell No!  No matter how perfect the benefits were, the sales conversation had already choked along with the features! That bass should’ve been cranked up to start with!! 

Are You Choking Your Sales ?

In this little sales slap, I really want to emphasize how important it is to focus on the benefits and transformation that your offer can provide, rather than overwhelming (and turning off!) potential clients by sharing the features too quickly! 
  • FIRST The Benefits
When you listen to the client’s needs and understand their desired outcome, you can then highlight the specific benefits your offer can provide. You can really tailor your benefits to the client’s situation. Really think about establishing a connection between the client and the transformation of going from A to B, and how your offer or service is going to help that transformation. Get the client excited for that reward at the end! That’s a big Hell Yeah!! 
  • THEN The Features
Focusing solely on the features can overwhelm potential clients and choke the sales conversation. Trying to convince people that they’ll get the transformation because you have ‘10 amazing training videos’ is a sure way to NOT get clients! By sharing the features before the client is truly connected to the transformation, they may focus on details that could cause them to dismiss the offer altogether! And that’s a big Hell No!!
  • Understand the client’s desired outcome. 
  • Emphasize benefits first over features.
  • Connect the offer to the transformation.
  • Successful sales conversation!!
Sooo, is that you over there choking your sales babe? I’ve got you. Come see me for some gentle slapping! Nat xx   
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