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Do this ONE thing to increase your sales… Today!

Hey, hey amazing you! Welcome to another episode of the Snack-Sized Sales Slaps With Nat! And if you’re struggling to make sales in your biz, then you’re in the right place with today’s sales slap! Because you know what??… SELLING IS NOT OPTIONAL! There’s no turning around and saying, “Ohhh, I’m actually pretty shit at it, so I’m not doing it!” Babe! Selling in your business is just not optional. It’s like needing gas in your car – if you’ve got no sales coming in, you’re not goin’ anywhere! You’ve GOT to master this. And I want to help by showing how you can do this ONE thing to increase your sales… today!


I’ve talked a bit about my early work as a professional chef in previous episodes of Sell With Confidence. Some of the guests I cooked for included an array of very cool celebs, which as a young chef was incredibly exciting! Kate Winslet kept coming back for my duck salad. And Rowan Atkinson, the loveable Mr Bean, said my crème brûlée was the best he’d ever eaten! And one of my most precious memories is of hosting the beautiful Christine McVie on cookery holidays in Italy. So, I couldn’t just slap shit on a plate and hope for the best!! As a chef I was directly responsible for keeping bums on seats. For a successful business, those perfect crème brûlées had to keep rolling out to keep the sales rolling in!


So as a chef I was constantly striving for perfection. And this level of perfection served me well… until it came to running my own biz!! Because what happened was, I let that perfection take over. And I failed to launch, and I failed to sell. I discovered that it was harder to sell my own services online, and the rejection hurt. (And if you’d like some tips on how to deal with rejection, take a listen to Episode #20 here…) So after giving myself a quiet slap, I went back to what I’d learnt during my years in hospitality. I had to stop over-complicating sales. I had to get bums on seats!


Where are you allowing yourself to make sales optional?

  • Where are you over-complicating sales?
  • Where are you not taking the order?
  • Where else can you get bums on seats??!

Sooo, are you getting bums on seats? Or are they bloody empty??

Let’s get this sorted! 


Do This ONE Thing To Increase Your Sales Today!

Okay so I’m gonna get straight into one of the fastest things you can do to increase your sales today. Are you ready??

To Sell More, You Need To Sell More!

Umm Nat, whaaat??!! Yes girlfriend, it’s really that simple. To sell more, you need to sell more. Which means – you have to make more offers!! Just like it’s a chef’s responsibility to keep rolling out those dishes, it’s your responsibility to keep making those offers. Start implementing these steps today and watch those sales take off!!

  1. Attract the right people and get them into your biz. Who is your target audience? Where are they hanging out? Find your audience and get to know them! What problems do they have and how can you solve them? Show you understand their pain points, know your services/products well, and engage them in conversation to see if you can help!


  2. Show them the menu. Now that you know what their problem is and that you have a solution to help, show them your offers! What offer/offers can you recommend? Do they need a quick win, or is this something you can serve them with over and over again? Are they after a light snack or the full buffet?!


  3. Go back and take the order! This is not bloody optional! You’ve got to stop over-complicating this babe. People have come into your space because they WANT to be there. They want what’s on your menu! Take the damn order! And then later you can go back and follow up. Show them the dessert menu – cos just maybe they’ll want the crème brûlée!


Once you understand a prospective client’s needs, you can show that you have a solution to their problem… and then you can go and make your offer! Babe, you will get more nos, but you’re going to get more yesses too! 

You’re awesome. You CAN do this! 

Nat xx


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