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In this podcast I share with you How To Sell With Confidence by digging deeper into the leader within and exploring your unstoppable self.

You are in the right place if you are a women in business who is ready to grow from 5 figures to 6 figures and beyond.

If you are ready to have some Unstoppable Conversations then listen in!

I am Nat Tolhopf, a Sales and Confidence coach who digs kicking your butt into imperfect action.

You’ve tried picking up the phone and selling – but you can’t shake the feeling you’re annoying, harassing and chasing people for money.

You know that something has to change if you’re gonna make your business fly.

I know you got sucked in by those social media highlight reels, saying all you had to do was put up a pretty website and you’d be raking in six figures and drinking pina coladas at the beach.

But the truth is, building a business is damn hard work.

You gotta show up, face your BS money stories and take consistent aligned action every damn day

10 ways to banish biz burnout - Natalie Tolhopf Podcast

10 Ways To Banish Biz Burnout

About five years ago I woke up one day and half my face was paralysed. It was honestly the scariest moment of my life! My “What the hell Nat?!” moment. Yep, the shit had hit – I’d succumbed to business burnout. More than that, it was total burnout. I don’t

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How to sell your offline and online events

How To Sell Your Events – Offline Or Online

Getting bums on seats is no hidden secret. You have to do the work to make it happen. On this episode I share with 5 corner stone tips that I use every time I create and promote an in person event or an online workshop. This episode is chocca blocka

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When Your New Year Starts In May

When Your New Year Starts In May!

Feeling like there is a literal tug of war in your head? Biz feels really fucking HARD and you are bored, you just don’t want to face the work and and to top it off…The thing you once loved about your biz now actually pisses you off. Hey…this is 100%

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How to start seeing yourself as the expert - Natalie Tolhopf

How to Start Seeing Yourself As The Expert

On today’s episode I share with you some reflective questions. Questions that I usually share with my group coaching but wanted to share today. Because this exercise is the gateway into starting to really really seeing yourself. Super excited to be bringing you all the feels in this session. Nat

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Marketing and Sales plan for the Overwhelmed - Natalie Tolhopf

A Marketing and Sales plan for the Overwhelmed

Six steps to find consistency and build simplicity Sometimes we can add too many bells and whistles to quickly to our businesses and we are left overwhelmed. We don’t make decisions fast enough and it can be a losing battle. Often we are doing to much, on this episode I

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